Pigeons on windows

Are pigeons a health hazard?

Pigeons have the potential to transmit disease causing organisms.

Are they a problem?

Problems may arise when pigeons roost on buildings as they foul from ledges and other nesting or roosting areas. Their droppings cause an unsightly mess and may also cause slip hazards on walkways and pavements.

A build-up of pigeon droppings may provide a food source for a range of fly species. Particularly in lofts spaces. Their parasites -fleas and mites can cause nuisance to humans.

Pigeons can also cause a noise nuisance to people living and working in the area.

How can they be controlled?

If pigeons begin to roost on part of your property a number of remedial measures can be taken:

•Netting can be fixed to stop pigeons accessing an area

•Point system (sometimes called pigeon spikes these are not sharp and will not harm the birds) can be installed to gutters or ledges to stop roosting.

•also available are gels and decoys that will deter birds


Please call to discuss problems or arrange a quote for pigeon proofing at your property.